Raising your service quality

Hospitality Systems Limited (HSL) has over 20 years experience as the ORACLE/MICROS dealer for Bermuda. Our expertise and experienced consulting enables and guides your business, while our technical solutions focus on the Restaurant and Hotel industries. As the leader in the Point Of Sales (POS) industry, ORACLE/MICROS provides the stability and functionality your company needs to be successful.  Whether it is reporting, cloud scalability or familiarity amongst  the local labor pool, ORACLE/MICROS empowers your business.

We represent Opera (Fidelio) Property Management System (PMS) for hotels enabling world class solutions with local support.

Our integrated and intelligent solutions enable Front Office, Reservations, Catering, Materials Control and Customer Relationship Management.

ORACLE/MICROS has product solutions for any restaurant or hotel, large or small, enabling a clear flow of information, reducing redundancies, avoiding purchasing errors and improving customer service.

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